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History of Our School


The History of Our School

Written by Olivia Pritchard (Gr. 3) and Jesse Morrison (Gr. 6) October 2018


Elk Lake Public School has not always looked the way it does today.  Many changes have taken place over the years.


In 1912, children went to public school in the Presbyterian Church.  This was hard because it was a small shared space.  Students  had to put their desks and chairs in storage, and then on Monday had to put them back up.


In 1914, there was a wooden three room school built.  Although it was small and it didn't have indoor bathrooms, it was still better than sharing the church.


By 1923, more kids kept coming and the school got crowded.  In September 1923, Mrs. Belanger, who was the Chair of the Board of Education wanted to help make change.  She went to Toronto multiple times to fight for a new school.  Unfortunately, she kept getting sent back with an answer she didn't like.  

Finally in 1926, good news came that a new school was coming.


Sadly, in 1927, before the new school was built, the wooden school burnt down and the students went back to the church for their education.


In 1928, a new six room, two story, brick school with indoor plumbing and electricity was constructed.  Students attended there until 1969, and then the Elk Lake Public School of today was built.